Quick Yoga Tips Between Toddler Naps

6If, like me, you’ve just given birth, and you’ve become too busy taking care of your growing family, It would probably strike you hard that : you don’t have enough time anymore to go to the beauty salon to get your hair or nails done;  and that, you won’t have that much time to exercise and stay fit either. Well, if you’ve began to think in those terms –  no more time for keeping fit, and staying healthy, think again. I’ve just learned a couple of effective, yet easy-to-do yoga exercise routines, which I strongly feel are best for busy mothers. Let’s take a brief look at a number of quick yoga tips, the types you can do while your baby is asleep.

Why Busy Mothers Need to Exercise, and Stay Fit

We live in a very stressful world, and each day brings with it new challenges and hurdles. With the hurried pace of life today, it is important that every individual (busy mothers, like you and I included) learn a couple of stress-relieving techniques and methods, like yoga. Yoga is an age-old technique that’s best known for easing stress, relieving tension, and keeping the mind at peace and in proper balance. There are actually a lot of yoga exercises and steps that even busy moms can safely do anywhere, anytime. (Source: yogainspires.co.uk)

7How To Incorporate Yoga In Your Busy Life As A Mom 

According to a popular yoga practitioner, “practice and all is coming”. This means that by consistently practicing, and adhering to the principles of yoga, you and I can effectively open our mind and body, to bring in an infusion of deep peace, and good health. Let me share with you a few helpful ideas on how to effectively incorporate yoga into your life, even if you’re a very busy mother.

–       Choose Your Routine or Style. The first step towards practicing, and incorporating yoga into your busy life as a mom, would be to choose your preferred style, and routine. Choose a yoga routine which you strongly feel can get your “juices working”, but is more soft, restorative and relaxing. Whatever routine you choose … with more practice, the more you’ll get to learn of its positive effects, and the more you’ll get to discover what it is your mind and body need at different times.  (Source: ekhartyoga.com)

–         Stay Safe, And Prevent Injuries. Once you’ve already chosen your yoga routine or technique, always make sure you watch your boundaries, and be very mindful of your body’s limits and vulnerable areas. Keep in mind that the most injury-prone parts of the body include the knees, hips, spine and neck. If you suddenly feel any aching or painful sensations, quickly adjust and soften your poses, and don’t force or push yourself too far. You also need  be mindful during the transitions between different poses, and pay close attention to your alignments during those poses or moments. (Source: ekhartyoga.com)-

–         Choose The Poses You Truly Like. While some people would assert that one should choose the yoga poses that truly challenge them, I strongly feel that you should instead choose a yoga pose which you truly feel comfortable with, and also love doing (that’s what I do). Remember that you should feel “compelled”, rather than be obligated, to do such yoga poses. (Source: yogainternational.com)

According to long-time yoga adherents (I’m nuts about it!),  yoga is a “practice that is an intention to observe your actions and reactions”, and it need not take a certain form or structure. After completing certain poses, make sure you give your body time to relax, so that your nerves and muscles (as well as your mind) are able to “assimilate” the soothing and invigorating benefits that it has gained during the exercise.



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