“Getting That Second Look On The Beach” (With No Stretch Marks To Show)

13226220314_23ce6ab9ba_zI’m not being flirtatious or anything like that. I am after all, married with an adorable 6 year old delightfully mischievous boy. But every summer I have this dream of walking down by the beach looking like Megan Fox. .. gorgeous men taking a second look at me. I mean what girl wouldn’t.

But like I said, it’s a dream. I don’t think Megan has got some stretch marks or love handles to hide like I do. Although I take consolation in the fact that .. (from what I’ve read anyway) .. about 90% of women have these. They’re just smart enough to have learned the art of not showing them. I’m being candid now. I think I’m one of them.

The Little Things I’ve Learn About Hiding Stretch Marks 

Stretch marks are those ugly, long, scar-like lined wrinkles which sometimes suddenly appear on some parts of your body after delivering your baby.  Unfriendly reminders of the fun you had making whoopee. I have a few which seemed to have taken a fancy to that area below my belly button and am I glad to note they’re not like a lighted cinema marquee that shouts!

We all know there are various ways of getting rid of those stretch marks. If you’ve got a fat enough fat wallet, there’s permanent removal therapy via laser. Or…unless you don’t need to be putting on a bikini within the next week for dear Jane’s beach party, there are ointments and creams which will do the job for you, Results may come in from 90-120 days. Of course, summer’s gone by then.

Here’s What I Do: 

Out on the beach, I try to look stylish and chic. I wear a 2-piece bikini but … over my bikini bottom, I put on a loose, bright-colored, Polynesian-looking sarong from just below my navel (enough to hide my stretch marks) and tie it in a knot on either my left or right hip but making sure some thigh skin shows. A sarong is very fashionable. I usually choose a nice printed one to complement or to contrast my bikini top, I’m dreaming again … but when I’ve gotten this all worked out, I’d like to think I look like a beautiful, sexy wahini from the island of Maui.  and .. ahem … I do get a few glances from the boys.

2I’m sure you’ve heard of booty shorts. They’ve become a fashionable trend on the beach or at pool parties. Instead of a sarong, I use these sometimes, over my 2-piece bikini bottom. I don’t zip-in the front and make sure I’ve got my stretch marks covered with a skin-colored cream.

And then … there are those “skirt bikinis” ..  These swimwear designers are so creative and imaginative they’ve created trendy and stylish skirts as bikini bottoms to help us, girls hide those stretch marks on our hips, behinds or lower mid-sections.

So … don’t let those stretch marks take the fun out of your summer. Enjoy!



Sexy Beach Bikini Body  by Philipp/Flickr

Beach Bikini by Philipp/Flickr

More Research: Only Stretch Mark Cream


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