How to Use Eye Make-up the “Proper Way”

9841378925_e5b48a6ac9_z For most individuals, looking fresh and pretty everyday is considered to be among their top priorities. Well, who would ever want to go out, and look haggard, stressed-out  or messed-up?  One of the commonly-used items for perking up the face is eye make-up. What is eye make-up? Well, eye make-up is defined as a class or type of cosmetics that are created to make the eyes look attractive and noticeable, and is mostly used by females. Let’s take a close look at how to properly use eye make-up.

Use Your Ring Finger, and Apply Small Dots Around The Eye

When applying eye cream or make-up, always remember to use your middle finger. Why? Because the ring finger is considered to have the lightest touch, and is “less likely” to pull, or hurt,  the delicate areas of the eye. Also make sure to apply small dots of cream around the eye, above the eye (and into the brow area), as well as under the eye. By doing this, you ensure that the entire eye area will be moisturized for optimal results.

Massage the Area in A Circular Motion

To make sure that the eye cream or make-up does wonders to the skin around or close to your eyes, make sure you gently tap the cream, to stimulate and promote circulation. Do not try to stretch or pull the skin around the eyes, because these are delicate and can easily get irritated. Tap the cream, until you feel that it absorbs into the skin. Also make sure you massage the cream or make-up in a circular motion, so that it fully absorbs, and you also do not pull or stretch the skin around the eye area. (Source:

Use Moisturizers

According to make-up experts, if your skin is extremely dry, you could add or incorporate facial oils into your eye make-up routine. Facial oils can help bring back that luster and shine into very dry skin, including the ones around the eyes. These however, should be applied after placing or putting your preferred moisturizer (Source:

 4900210322_ea449d5e05_zHow Are Most Eye Creams Formulated?

Most eye creams or make-up ingredients were originally designed to remove stretch marks. Today, however, these are now formulated, and used, to considerably reduce the appearance and formation of wrinkles, especially around the eyes. According to beauty and wellness experts, the main ingredients of the popular eye creams and make-up products today are formulated to help enhance elastin and collagen levels within the skin, reduce noticeable stretch marks, and plump-up fine lines (Source: ).

Regardless of what product you’re using, or what make-up routine you prefer to follow, always remember that how you treat your skin affects how your make-up will look, and how you age. Just make sure you follow the advice of your beauty and wellness expert, and strictly adhere to the product guidelines as well, and you’ll be on your way towards having fresh and younger-looking skin.

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